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“What if, sometimes, there be mists and fogs so thick that I cannot see the path? It is enough that You hold my hand, and guide me in the darkness; for walking with You in the gloom is far sweeter and safer than walking alone in the sunlight!” -Susannah Spurgeon
Part of fulfilling my job as a nanny includes filling these little hearts and minds with books, songs, stories, and words that drive their thoughts, hearts, and affections to the only righteous One. Here are some of my recommendations for doing so. (Link in bio.)
Lilli was praying while coloring earlier and said, “God, I love You when You’re the same and I still love You when You’re not the same.” • This echoes a lot of conversations we have on a daily basis, conversations of how she is loved regardless of her actions and how we “love you when you listen and we love you don’t.” • “Hey, Lilli, want to hear some amazing news?” • She always does. • “God never changes,” I tell her. “He’s always the same.” • “Wow.” • “How does that make you feel?” • She smiled so big. “It makes me feel really happy.” • “Why would that make you happy?” • “Because I love Him and I want Him to come everywhere with me and if He never changes it means He is always with me.” • She’s three years old. • Solid theology is a comfort for every age. Praise God for His immutability.
“Are you not willing to pass through every ordeal if by any means you may save some?” -Charles Spurgeon

Follow me as I follow Jesus

Updates, Discoveries and Prayer Requests

Updates and discoveries…
  • I’m leaving for the internship on Tuesday. 
  • I’ll be on the East Tour just like we prayed for! The schedule is here if you want to check it out. 12 states. 3 months. Excitement abounds.
  • Packing for three months is really hard.
  • My neighbor, his wife, and their grandson will be at one of the Tour stops competing. (So cool!)
  • Tomorrow is my last day at work, and while the girl replacing me is fantastic, I’m going to miss the easy routine and client interaction.
  • God has the best plans. This isn’t really a discovery because I’ve known for years, but He keeps proving His sovereignty and supreme awesomeness over every detail in my life and am blessed and overwhelmed.
 Prayer Requests…
  • First and foremost that God would protect us (physically, emotionally, spiritually).
  • That He will use this time to minister to me and through me to others. This is a mission experience even if I’m not going to Africa.
  • That I’ll be placed on the East Tour. (Answered prayer!)
  • A laptop with a big HD. I’ll be taking three online classes this summer while we’re on the tour in order to graduate from the community college and go to Murray in the fall, a laptop is a necessity. (Answered prayer!)
  • That the people on the tour will be “good” people, and that there would be at least one true believer.
  • That the online classes will go smoothly and that balance between work, school and free time will come easily.
  • That God would be with my parents and help them through this time of watching their “baby” grow up and leave the home. 
  • Not related to the internship but a prayer request nonetheless, that God will supply the finances for fall tuition (and every semester thereafter) at Murray. I know God wants me there so I know He will provide the means to make it happen. He never fails. (He’s already doing this! Isn’t He awesome?!)
  • Related to that, I pray that God will grant me favor in the eyes of the people selecting the scholarships.
  • Also related to finances in the fall, I pray that God would give me a good job that will work around school/newspaper. 
  • An awesome roommate at Murray. 

I will praise Him if He does all this and I will praise Him if He takes me a completely different way. He has the best plans and I will trust Him with my heart, dreams, and life, come what may. He is worthy of praise despite my feelings and circumstances.

“Many are the plans in the heart of man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.”  – Proverbs 19:21

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