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I can’t believe this is my “job”


The newest RTM Magazine is out!

If you don’t know, I’m the assistant editor of this free digital mag and—for my “job” (what?!)—I get the privilege of writing, designing and sharing stories about our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world with readers from more than 100 nations! This grace overwhelms me daily.

This March/April issue is for sure my favorite one to date and I would love for you to read it.

In the new mag, you’ll find stories about Jared Wilson, my wise and beautiful friends Melanie and Alex Duke (gorgeously featured in the above photo), my dear friend Anna Farthing, as well as an appearance by Charles Spurgeon, my pastor and more!

I love these people and I know you will too. Praise for God’s big family and His grace that unites us all.

I love my job.

Join readers from all over the world and download the {free} RTM Magazine today!

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Monday Morning Munch No. 57 – Are we like Israel or Levi?

IMG_0828I breezed through security in the Nashville airport Saturday morning when I realized my plane to Denver didn’t take off until 9:55, not 8:55 like I thought. So I found myself with more than two hours of free time until departure, which is, consequently, the perfect amount of time to stop by Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, grab a table in the food court and spend extended time with God.

IMG_0824I started reading Malachi for the first time and really loved it.

In the book, the Lord is reprimanding Israel for not giving to Him the honor He deserves by giving Him perfect and unblemished sacrifices but instead they were giving Him blind animals or something less than desirable, polluted even. Something they didn’t want for themselves.

Simply put: They kept the good stuff for themselves and gave God the leftovers. 

I could write about 17 blogs on that thought alone, but what I really want to zone in on is the covenant God had previously made with Levi.

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I love weddings.

I love going to them.

Being in them.

Watching them.


Which is good since about, oh, 3,597 of my friends got married this summer (slight exaggeration but so close to reality).

There is something incredibly special about watching two people enter into a covenant with God and each other before a group of their closest friends and family. Seeing the teary-eyed couple understand the gravity of their commitment to forsake all others for the rest of their life and cling to one another for better or worse, sunshine or sadness, excitement or excruciating pain, is a stunning illustration of something bigger than this world.

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