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Freedom from our Fears – Writing on The Gospel Coalition

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I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my heart about fear on The Gospel Coalition, but what I’m most thankful for is God’s timing.

He knew the moment TGC published this article would be the exact moment I needed to be reminded of the glorious truths of our Fear Fighter. I need this reality more than anything.

It is my prayer that through these words your heart would be energized by the love of the One who casts out every anxiety our mind could strum up.

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Masquerade Conference 2016

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Masquerade is a conference for 8th-12th grade girls about identity, authenticity, and finding freedom to ditch the mask.

Oh my word, after dreaming about this for a while I’m so excited to announce it’s actually happening! Masquerade will be the second girls’ conference we’ve done in Paducah and I’m beyond excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of every attendee and volunteer. Praise for a God big enough to use us.

This one-day conference will cover the following questions and more:

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Monday Morning Munch No. 140 – Do you resist good things? I do.


I resist good things. 

That’s what I learned about myself this week.
For real. And, yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.

It goes back to what I’m finding a lot of things in my life go back to: fear.

I’m afraid I’ll love things too much (more than God).
I’m afraid I’ll love people too much and then God will take them away from me because I love them more than Him.
I’m afraid I’ll find too much pleasure in things that aren’t eternal and somehow dishonor God because if I were really following Him I wouldn’t even desire any of these “lesser” things.

The low-grade guilt over enjoying good things is real.

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Monday Morning Munch No. 87 – A Bee, A Window and True Freedom


“Like a bee trying to exit a window is the heart of man trying to find true freedom.” -A Romanian Proverb

OK, so that isn’t actually a Romanian Proverb. Or a proverb at all. I made it up. But keep reading and you’ll understand the point.


On May 3, we’re in Romania and I wake up early to get a shower, you know, the typical morning routine. 

What wasn’t typical was the very unexpected visitor.

An obnoxiously loud bee had made its way into the bathroom via Florin and Denise’s ceiling window/skylight and was ferociously buzzing around, trying to find its way back outside.

It tried everything, pushing its way against the green tile, the mirror and the shower (hello!) but it primarily hung out on the window, trying so hard to get back outside.

The opening in which he entered the room and could have returned through to gain outside access was just below where he was flying and he was clearly and obviously missing the way out.

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