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Things I’ve Learned from Working in a Restaurant

Things I've Learned from Working in a Restaurant.jpg

I’m a waitress on Friday nights.

I work at an adorable little restaurant in a tiny town in Western Kentucky that serves fried fish on Fridays and treats people like family (and looks nothing like the above stock photo). I’m pretty sure I got the job because I’m in there every Tuesday morning for Bible study with one of my small group babies and then also on the weekends and, you know, whenever else. What can I say? The food is good. Regardless, I love it and the people with whom I get the privilege of working.

While I hate running the cash register (it’s a terrifyingly pressurized responsibility to push the right buttons and handle people’s money [which is probably why God never let me experience my childhood dream of being a cashier at Kroger]), I love being a waitress. I love getting to talk to people and learn their names and tastes and I especially love to joke around and laugh with them.

In the short time I’ve worked there, I’ve learned more than which shoes to wear for a night of work (hello, blisters) and how to write a (somewhat) proper ticket; I’ve learned a lot about myself, the Gospel, and community.

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A Plea for Parents and Youth Leaders Not to Compromise

a plea for paretns and youth leaders

Let’s start this out by getting one thing straight: I am not an expert in youth ministry.

Furthermore, I am not an expert in parenting, especially since, you know, I don’t have children of my own.

What I do have is my Core Four.


Wow, I love them. (P.S. I’m the one in the stripes, second from the right.)

Five years ago, God called me into youth ministry although, at the time, I had no idea He was doing that. (He is so sneaky sometimes.) All I thought I was doing was fulfilling an internship requirement for my second major (youth and nonprofit leadership) in college and spending a summer with the girls at my church, forming a “program” for them that would a) give them the Gospel and what it means to be a woman according to the One who designed womanhood and b) fulfill the aforementioned class requirements.

God had other plans.

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