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Monday Morning Munch No. 122 – When God Repeats Himself


Sometimes God repeats Himself.

We shouldn’t need the God of the universe to repeat Himself, but when He does He’s displaying divine forbearance and making a point, and we should definitely pay attention.

Over the last week, our sweet Savior has repeated Himself loud and clear a few times. Allow me to share a couple of the moments with you and you can figure out what God’s trying to teach me.

My friend BCJ tells me: “God doesn’t need your help. Not even in your own life.”

My pastor’s awesome wife tells me: “God doesn’t call us to fix but to surrender.”

My best friend tells me: “It’s part of being human. You can’t be perfect.”


Well, here’s the thing, as a million people have reminded me this week: I’m not. “There is no end to your crap or mine this side of heaven,” BCJ told me. Ew. 

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COMING SOON: Girl’s and Women’s Conferences



PRAISE. I love conferences. I love going to them (shoutout to the two I’m going to with my bff in the next two months [this one] and [this one]), I love speaking at them, I love learning and absorbing “Gospel drippings” from others and I love getting to mix and mingle with amazing women (young and old alike) from all over the country (and/or world).

SO. If you live in the Paducah, Kentucky area and are a female, come to these conferences! I am SO excited to get to speak at both of them while also soaking in the Word with others. Would you join me?


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